I don’t listen to music very much anymore.

There is simply not a lot of space for it left. Only when I type letters on my screen like NOW, or in some short break or in some accident! Still many different kinds of music reaches me. And though listening to music has changed in many ways, I would like to point out only one aspect now. Just something I notice.

I notice that there is usually a lot of sound going on. Usually many people playing, usually some heavy artillery. From my point of view of primitive single man culture, it is rather overwhelming. So many people releasing their sound waves at the same time. So many rhythmic, melodic, frequency lines unfolding, looking for their place in the picture. It might be unusual to compare musical band to army and artillery, but it comes to my mind because I need a symbol of mass, simultaneous actions and uncomprehendable bigness.So if we detach from context of war and madness, we can observe this sound army with light spirit and appreciation for what it offers us. We can look upon it’s great march to the heavily guarded fortress of world’s people love, care, admiration and attention they will receive if they conquer. The tower of “fans”.

We do not have electricity, drums, percussions, amps, pedals, computers,samples...just didgeridoo, guitar& voice. In battle sense, we have an axe, a crossbow and a shuriken.

So I go back to my our situation. What do we have to offer? We fall in the musical genre that is undefined. This is our battle tactics – “undefined”. Great! We do not have electricity, drum sets, percussions, amps, pedals, computers,samples, matrices,  loopers… We have a didgeridoo, a guitar and a voice. Hey, at least it is tested “technology”, not some gadget that explodes in your face on stage. In battle sense, we have an axe, a crossbow and a shuriken. Apart from that what can I brag about? We have no battle pedigree. No ancestors of ours were famous warlords, we have no heritage of equipment and knowledge and we own no land. Good start for a movie. And if we want it to be convincing, we will have to make it into a comedy with fabula being only secondary.

Still, as you may have guessed, as in real movie, I would not join any other army that Druyd’s. No matter how successful, no matter how rich, no matter how good weapons or soldiers it has. I see preciousness of three people trying to invent completely new ways of sound combat, in every possible aspect. This idea is so dear to me, and this pull to do it  is so strong that I feel no other way to do it anyway.

It is a long story starting in the deserted desert.

Three combatants, with no real chances of survival, let alone conquering the fortress.

Still to put some action into movie, they stay completely devoted to their art.

Complementary arts in many ways, compatible in most of their days.

So this is the story. Good time to join in. Movie is being played as you read this. Seen in best resolution in the interactive cinema www.druydmusic.com – feel free to drop the fellowship any comment. They are looking for good blade sharpeners and traffic omens in the sand…

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  1. i would’ve never guessed du wrote this, it sounds more like something mary would’ve written. =)
    just kidding. this is nice article, that’s all i wanted to say. i feel the same way….. good luck with axe, a crossbow and a shuriken, i’m looking forward to some new music… =)

  2. I appreciate this article so much because it really captures the musical situation of Druyd. I feel so because these acoustic instruments are quite different than electric or electronic ones; as opposed to an electric guitar which would probably be a riffle, when using the acoustic instruments one must apply strategy much more. The unfolding of the story is somehow more accentuated, and even the smaller sounds and whispers from the instrument are often more alive and organic. Possibly because we’re analogous beings more so than digital, and acoustic music might work more with the body, while electronic might work more with the mind.