It seems Druyd has fallen back into everyday rehearsal routine. Very good because Druyd is very thorough  in song making and thus very slow. Apart from that,  BlackMary is preparing her singing workshop, Ur  is training his guitar techniques, as well as microrhythms needed to play the new song, and Du is obviously not training hard enough because he cannot regain his pre-summer  strength and condition. Who would you give your award to, if you had an award , and who would you toss out of the band? =)

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  1. BlackMary says:

    I’ve been tossed out too many times to count so maybe it’s easiest to toss me out once again :D

  2. du, it seams your strenght is leaking somewhere… =)

  3. What seams does not seem to deem any light on my delightful deeds of dream!
    My strength is a stubborn entity, probably of female kind. Very cunning, very seductive, I’m not blind. One I have to bribe in countless ways, one I have to pay in a very peculiar way, and only if I am very lucky, it will come to me again and stay. It’s the only way. This is what I sense, this is what I say.

  4. ja opet imam malu zalbu. =)
    ako stavim samo smajl u reply, nece ga pokazati. mislim da osmijehe treba dijeliti sakom i kapom…..