Brillat-Savarin once stated these words and we were reminded of them quite recently in the lovely city of Sevnice.  Our charming host Rok took us to a restaurant called Gostišče Dolinšek where Du had what he claims was the best steak ever, Ur had the best gnocchi ever and I had the (almost) best wine ever (my humble apologies to all, but nothing for me beats a good, well chilled Provencal rose!).  And if what Brillat-Savarin said was true, us Druyds must be as close to the Gods as you can get.  Because in almost every place we have visited, we have had the most wonderful food we’ve ever tasted.  From the most heavenly ice cream in Forlimpopoli to the breath taking brebis cheese we ate at the foot of the Pyrenees to the wonderful fare our dear friend’s wife made for us in Antibes to the most magical popcorn in Ibort to the spiritually uplifting organic food of Damanhur.

Druyd and friends out of their minds from the fantastically fantastic gelato in Forlimpopoli!

The only problem with eating so well is that Du and I always have to do it after our concerts (it’s quite difficult to breath with a full stomach!) and by that time we are so famished that we shovel the food into ourselves barely noticing what anything tastes like.  But we do notice, we really do.  It’s hard not to notice outstanding food.

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but I can tell you, the same can be said for Druyds.  So if anyone has a spare macaron or a slice of premium organic Angus beef or homemade gnocchi at hand at our next concert, we’d love for you to share some with us…after the concert, bien sur…