This is just a brief reminder, an exercise of presence. I don’t want to go into details, but explode in the core!
It starts like this:
Can you notice now that in fact you know very few things for absolutely sure?
If you can, that’s very good. You can skip the next paragraph.
If you can’t, please allow me to open some doors for you, you don’t need to pass through.

Money is a very strong and deep idea inside our minds. So your tool needs to be of unbreakable matter!

Allow me to ask you, how do you know that all of this isn’t a “dream”?

Allow me to ask do you really understand what night sky is all about?

Allow me to ask have you ever seen a real manual of your body?

Allow me to ask can you even imagine the complexity of the complete outer world?

If question mark is all that is left after each sentence, you might have a good tool for breaking the money chains.
Money is a very strong and deep idea inside our minds. So your tool needs to be of unbreakable matter!

Your tool is in fact behind these question marks. You can take it now and use it. You don’t have to. I will. Observe. To me it manifests as uncountable “I don’t know” confessions. I know nothing about outer world. Everything could be one way or another. But then if “I don’t know” so many many things, how can I claim I need more money? Or that I “deserve” more money? Who knows what my playing affects? Maybe I am healing thousands of people, maybe I am ruining thousands of marriages, maybe I am destroying and healing at the same time, maybe is only may be. I don’t know. But first thing that comes to my mind in this exceptionally exceptional situation where there is a possibility that I will be launched bodyless to space after death, isn’t money.

I feel it is like this for anybody. Not just miserable musicians like us. You can be a miserable housewife, professor, cleaning lady, cleaning gentleman, miserable bisberbalbe. But I don’t know. It is like that now for me, so I don’t have a choice but to  choose not to measure my value or the value of this music by the money we make. It can’t be worth nothing, can it?  Just kidding.
It can.

I only know one single thing for sure.

I am.

Good night!

- Du


  1. Pamela Mortensen says:

    Thank you!

    Love your quote about your tool needing to be unbreakable matter. Totally agree.

    I’ve been looking at the idea behind money a lot lately and how it’s only important and how we give it value because we say it is or at least conditioned to think it is. Take that value and importance away and you have bits of paper and metal. Even the silver used in some coins is only valuable because we say it is. Ultimately, it’s only important to those who think they are in charge. In this sense, I’d rather be a miserable musician who feels connected than an elitist who is not.

    As for being launched bodiless into space, one doesn’t need to wait for death. We potentially do it every night in our sleep thanks to dimethyltryptamine (DMT or the “spirit molecule”). Wasn’t sure if you knew that or not.

    Sweet dreams.

  2. Pam you are a great patent of Mr Mrs Kosmos!

  3. Pamela Mortensen says:

    As you are, too. Many thanks.