I have finished recording my new didgeridoo solo album. I feel small but great. Not great but small. Mixing is in front of me. So are possibilities!


  1. Bravo ja!

  2. i can’t wait till it will be finished!

  3. BlackMary says:

    Bravo ti ;)

  4. Bravo svi!

    Jacek- me too. But only patience can keep us sane.
    Question is if we want to be sane ;-)

    BM – jesi ti ulogirana kad pises komente? Nemoj da te tuzim sefici!


  5. this is a question for you? i thought we’re naturally insane ;)

    Du Reply:

    He he he! Exactly!

  6. nestrpljiva….. =)

  7. I am very, very excited, Du(de) !
    Can’t wait, been listening to Kosmopterix all the time…

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