I celebrated my 40th birthday recently and invited a few friends round for a little get together.  And I was really fortunate to have lured “The two man deva band” to play some songs for us.  The two man deva band are like nothing you’ve ever heard or seen before.  Akin to Let 3, their identities remain a secret as they hide behind their wigs, monobrows and incomparable style.  I’m not sure if everyone at the get together appreciated them – like Let 3, you either love them or hate them!

I talked to the wig clad boys later, but it was difficult to concentrate because of their monobrows which were occupying my attention and I asked them how they did it, how do they get up on a stage or at a party and do their stuff?  Because they improvise everything.  And they put it down to their wigs.  When the wigs are on, they take on an entirely new identity.  It’s no more Mr. Ordinary guy albeit with a monobrow, it’s The two man deva band, willing to do everything and anything to keep the audience happy and awake.  Or maybe away.  I didn’t hear them that well…

And that reminded me of how I feel on stage. I have my stage outfits.  Because I never wear satin, velvet or lace in my everyday life, when I put them on and get up on stage, I take on a new identity too.  I’m no longer Mary Crnkovic-Pilas, it’s Ms. BlackMary to you, thank you very much.

So now I’ve thought about wearing a wig too.   But I need to find a genius wig.  Does anyone know where I can get one…?


  1. Mary… I can make you a wig.. a very special wig… rather large.. i mean awfully big… but then from world of giants till the world of fairy… you will be known as Very Hairy Mary…

  2. BlackMary says:

    Aaah, a poem and I didn’t even have to order Dubokobud :)