Finally a topic that everybody wants to know about but only few ask… and they don’t get an answer.

It happened recently. Very recently. It was in Slovenia… The place was cozy ….very cozy.  We came early… quite early…  The girls working in the place, and those just visiting were walking around… quite some girls. As it was hot these days they had less clothes… quite less clothes… The beauties of feminine world around me… quite some beauties… The beer before me… not so much left!

So how to kill the time between the soundcheck and concert? The atmosphere was getting better and better, sweeter and sweeter, not a bit bitter, not a bit tonic, only beer and butt-er and my look moronic.

Alex Grey's "Copulating"

So to get the point, I didn’t smoke a joint. But there was some blowing this evening that I seriously enjoyed! And I realized after the concert how concert is so similar to SEX. There is a gathering of at least two people and something cosmically happens.

Like in sex,  there is an exchange, and we all keep the change.

Like in sex, I realized that it is not essential if your audience is great looking with perfect tits and butt(er), flexible like a chewing gum left on summer asphalt,  rich like Richard  and famous like Uranus… or you actually want her friend…  Anyway, what I am trying to say, but I get amused by writing other things, how much MUCH more important is that this audience WANTS  you… that it is READY for you… that it wants to TAKE what you have to GIVE… that it feels soo GOOD to them…

Then all the rest falls to second best, and the ACT that you ERECT gets all the attention, it’s a fact!

So there was not so much people and we did not earn a lot of money. We are not becoming famous because of this little concert in Slovenia, nor have seen any new doors open…

But it was A  F***ING, F***ING good concert, that I am sure echoed deeply into space through the ears and grace of  the most beautiful audience!!!!


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